Update on situation in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict zone provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, April 2 - On night of the April 1st to 2nd and throughout the day of 2 April, the Azerbaijani positions and residential areas along the entire front line were subjected to intensive fire from the Armenian positions. As a result, there are casualties and injuries among the Azerbaijani civilians. To counter the provocation and to ensure security of civilian population, the Armed Forces Command of the Republic of Azerbaijan had decided to take response measures in directions of Aghdere-Terter-Aghdam and Khojavand-Fuzuli.

In result of these rapid counter-measures, the first front line, reinforced through fortifications over many years by Armenia, had been breached in many directions, several heights of strategic importance and residential areas have been fully liberated from the occupying forces.

Heights around the Talish village posing threat to the district of Goranboy and the city of Naftalan as well as the village of Seysulan had been completely cleared from the Armenian forces.

In order to protect the town of Horadiz against ceasefire violations by the occupying forces, the Azerbaijani armed units have re-taken the strategically important Lele Tepe height, located in direction of the district of Fizuli, which allows keeping under control a vast surrounding area.

Currently, new reinforcements are being carried out, new trenches and fortifications are being installed along the new defense line.

During the battles 6 tanks, up to 15 artillery systems and reinforced engineering fortifications of the armed forces of Armenia were destroyed as well as more than hundred Armenian military personnel were killed and wounded.

Twelve Azerbaijani servicemen perished in the battles. One MI-24 attack helicopter engaged in air operation was downed and one tank was damaged by anti-tank mine.

Leadership of the Ministry of Defense extends heart-felt condolences to the families and closed ones of the perished servicemen.

The Minister of Defense highly praised the combat capabilities, military experience and high morale of the military personnel engaged in the battles. The Ministry of Defense notifies that if Armenia continues to violate the ceasefire, response to the occupying forces will be much more severe and painful.

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