Duzdagh physiotherapy centre is located at 14 km distance from Nakhchivan city, 2 km apart 5 stars “Duzdagh” hotel and at the altitude of 1173 m. The Centre which consists of underground and surface parts has been operational as a hospital since 1979. In 2006 the Centre was renovated and provided with modern equipments. At present the Centre offers 300 beds for the patients. Annually 1600-1700 patients are admitted in the Centre. There are 2 women, 2 men and 1 child wards, as well as 2 leisure halls in the Centre.

Duzdagh Physiotherapy Centre provides treatment mainly for patients of allergic diseases, in particular bronchial asthma. It is possible to accomplish successfully treatment of diseases of respiratory organs in the Centre. Pure oxygen constitutes 20% of the air between salt layers in the cave, which is the best medicine from the nature for the patients of lung diseases. Vast minerals and elements in the salt also affect the body positively. Air, full of oxygen and vast salt minerals plays exceptional role in treatment of lung diseases, such as bronchial asthma and alike chronic diseases. Anybody can get treatment here during all seasons of the year. Treatment courses may vary. While children get treatment of living for 12-15 days underground, adults’ treatments last for 14-18 days. Rate of recovery for adults at different stages of bronchial asthma is about 80-86%. For children this rate is 96-98%.  













































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