The Second Baku Shopping Festival Commence on October 15th Until November 15th

Starting from October 15 to November 15, the second Baku Shopping Festival commences, an event that will turn Baku, Azerbaijan into an international trading center, offering unique, profitable shopping opportunities. Baku buyers highly anticipate the events such as shopping festivals and the second Baku Shopping Festival is one highly anticipated. In shopping festivals, buyers can take advantage of the opportunity to buy goods and even services at the best, most competitive prices.

Buyers can take advantage of this opportunity at the Baku Shopping Festival, which occurs twice a year and happens for an entire month. The first Baku Shopping Festival already passed, as it happened last April 10 to May 10. This October 15 to November 15, the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Azerbaijan organizes the next Baku Shopping Festival. The event is open to all Azerbaijan citizens as well as all foreign visitors.

At the event, buyers can have a wide array of products to purchase including electronics, clothes, appliances, cosmetics, furniture and more. These are products in special campaign, promos and discounts from leading global brands from more than 400 stores all over Baku. During the festival, not only are buyers being able to buy specially discounted products but also enjoy profitable shopping with ‘Tax Free’ system applied to certain goods and shops available in the festival.

In addition, visitors can enjoy fashion shows, interactive games and a number of other activities that will entertain them. The Baku Shopping Festival is a great opportunity for buyers in Azerbaijan as well as from neighboring countries to purchase products where they can return a part of the VAT from the amount that they spent. The Baku Shopping Festival Tax Free system give Azerbaijan citizens as well as foreign visitors VAT refund for purchases made over 100 AZN and only at stores marked with “Baku Shopping Festival – Tax Free” stickers.

Shops without the stickers are not participants of the Tax Free system, which would be wise for buyers to remember. Although some of the products are not available with VAT refund, the goods to buy in the festival are still at the most favorable prices. The Azerbaijan Convention Bureau holds the next Baku Shopping Festival at Baku with all stores, restaurants and establishments around the location part of the festival. Baku Shopping Festival also serves as advertising campaign for Azerbaijan’s tourism plans, trade, hotel business and more.


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